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Password Expired. Please update your password
Please enter your current password, then enter a new password. Password must be 6-12 characters, using letters,numbers and special characters(at least one of each). Details
Change Password
The first time you log on you will be asked to change your password. You can also change your password at any time by using the menu option.


Field Description
Current Password The password you used for the current logon.
New Password The new password you want to use.
Re-enter Password The new password is to be entered again.

How long is my password valid?
The Broker sets the password validity. The Home page contains information about your last logon and when your current password will expire.
Are there any specifications for the password?
Your password must be between 6 and 12 characters and must contain at least one alphabet, one number and one special character.
Can I reuse the same password?
You will not be able to reuse the same password immediately.
What happens when my password expires?
When the password expires the investor will be forced to change his/her password the next time they login to access the system.
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